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Coding Projects

Current Project

A social platform for connecting with other language learners. Users can message each other, post in forums, find matches for their language skills and discover language-learning events near them.

Github | Deployed
Tech: Rails, Thredded (forums), Devise, Cucumber / Rspec / TDD

An event aggregator that pulls together current events from Meetup, Facebook and the City of Gothenburg APIs.

Github | Deployed
Tech: Rails, APIs, Foundation

An online platform for creating and hosting pub quizzes. Users send quiz questions and answers in real time.

Github | Deployed | Mobile
Tech: Rails, ActionCable, AngularJS/Ionic, APIs
Craft Academy bootcamp project
Slow Food Online

Bootcamp group project - a web and mobile marketplace for users to purchase dishes for home delivery.

Github | Deployed | Mobile
Tech: Rails, AngularJS/Ionic, GMaps, Haml
Craft Academy bootcamp project

About Me

My name is Amber and I love problem solving with code. I work in Ruby and Javascript, and build stuff for the web and mobile with Rails, AngularJS and Ionic.

I work currently as a coach, developer and marketer at Craft Academy, a programming bootcamp. I attended this bootcamp not so long ago and learned not just the technologies listed above, but also Agile and Test Driven Development methodology and soft skills like pair programming and design sprint strategies.

Before starting my new life as a developer, I ran a solo business in Washington, DC photographing weddings. Past experience includes editorial work at a trade union newspaper. And I threw myself at learning Swedish before I started the bootcamp, so I can more or less do that, too. I'm also a pretty good cook, frequent traveler, avid reader, pot-thrower, yogi and extremely bad at playing guitar.

Göteborg, Sverige
0720 08 27 07

Always learning, always levelling up, always growing. We've only got the one life!